PlanLinkZ helps in the collection and archival of periodic, annual and YTD details of employees, contributions, compliance, loan repayments for organizations offering employee benefit plans. Record keeping/Retirement companies use PlanLinkZ to properly create process and manage the information regarding Defined Retirement Benefit Plans, Contributions, and Participant Census Information. This product is designed to simplify, speed-up, and automate the process of recording and maintaining the details pertaining to Employee Retirement Plans.

Key Modules
  • RadiantPlanLinkZ LM – PlanLinkZ Linkuser Module.
  • RadiantPlanLinkZ LPM – PlanLinkZ LinkProcessor Module.
  • RadiantPlanLinkZ MIS – PlanLinkZ MIS Reports Module.
  • RadiantPlanLinkZ lPlan – PlanLinkZ LinkPlan Module.
  • RadiantPlanLinkZ WCM – PlanLinkZ Link withdrawal/cancellation Module.
  • RadiantPlanLinkZ GSM – PlanLinkZ link Govt /Statutory reports Module.