This is the interview question many of you must have encountered. It’s an open-ended question and you feel clueless and tongue-tied when this question pops up, especially for first time. Or if you are one of those nervous candidates, like me, then you are sure to babble and get stuck.However, it’s very important to answer this properly because hiring managers glean a lot from your answer to this question. 

Your answer should sound enthusiastic. You should be confident personified and inspiring. The important point here is to not put yourself and your job need, but how well you fit for the particular job and how well you put across that to the interviewer. And most importantly, they want to know your side of why you want to hired and summary of t you have to offer in this regard..

It’s Not At All About You

The secret sauce to a perfect answer to this interview question is to highlight about the company, not about you.

Here is what I mean by this?

Many candidates would think that this question is about their abilities and skills and answer this question by expressing their desire to work for the company highlighting their capabilities along with accomplishments. For example, a normal answer is: “I’d like to be part of ABC company’s rapid growth and I’d like to use my computer skills and accomplishments to provide best efforts to increase companies success.”

That’s a good answer, definitely, but going through it again doesn’t doesn’t it give an impression that it’s more focused on the candidate’s needs and desires more than company’s.

Your answer should be all about them

Remember that the interviewer is a person like us and isn’t interested in what you are answering. He doesn’t know you better and hence you should make him care for you with providing a perfect answer. The job to be filled, and the pain point behind the position(job opening) is important to him. When he interviews he finds different answers and wants the best answer to make sure he is hiring the best possible candidate. It’s fair on his part that he looking for a candidate who can add the best value to his team.

And that is why the question ‘why should I hire you?’ is such a key question, an invaluable opportunity for you to impress him. Thus question gives you to make an attempt at summarizing exactly why are a perfect fit for this job opportunity. Do it right and you’ll soon be settling in at your new desk.

Here’s how to get the answer just right

Proof check your answer before you attend the interview. Practice and prepare for the question and give a mock answer, if possible with a mirror in front of you or to a friend whom you are comfortable. You may not be asked the same question, there is likely chance of such questions. If the question does crop up, you’ll be ready for the answer.

In order to make it all about them, here are the steps to take:

  1. Keep in mind what are the skills, knowledge and accomplishments required for the job. (clues will be in the job posting along with stuff you already know about the job function or industry).
  2. Judge and Identify which ones you possess. (The magic buttons(skills) that you have – when pressed – will open the door to this job for you).
  3. Choose the top 3 of these ‘magic buttons’ and write a sentence each about them and how they are going to help you in the company you are applying.

For instance, “As the you advertised for the position and person having outstanding Web analytics skills, and I am considered one of the expert on analytics in my present company. I have the privilege of interpreting what’s up with our web marketing and give advice to our senior executives on the strategies.”

Next hightlight your second skill like this:

“I also know that taking initiative and pro-activeness is very important in the company’s culture and many of my LinkedIn reviews give a fair idea of how proactive I am, especially when experienced with real arduous challenges.”

And then go for the kill with the third:

“Finally, I understand that you’re looking for someone who can jump right in without much training. This is something I’ve done consistently in all my jobs – I actually enjoy the challenge of learning a lot of stuff in a short time, and I’m never afraid to ask questions when I don’t know something.”


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