The ‘new year, new you’ must be your mindset. Definitely, you must have chalked out what you want to achieve this year in the form of new year resolutions for work. You might want to look for internal opportunities and promotions at your workplace, while others may have a new job in mind. 

In fact, the day you start a new job you should begin planning for your career progression. Today it’s hard for employees to easily get promoted, hence they should create and manage their own career paths. The technology and globalization have impacted the pattern of career development along specific career paths. 

Showing up to work doesn’t guarantee and is not good enough to advance in career. To become successful you must show and prove.  The average successful person earns their position by proving their skills and abilities to the team. Gain the respect, attention and standing out in the crowd by impressing your boss. Step outside and think out of the box.
Establish Guiding Relationships
A Guide or mentor can be great sources in guiding your career. Studies show that 80% of employees have been promoted by a mentor who is an higher up in the company’s management. Their advocacy can be incredible to put forward your candidacy. Some organizations are decked with formal guidance programs, however are plenty of resources outside organizations to develop profitable relationships.
Support Your Colleagues
If you have a large team it sometimes becomes impossible for you to progress in your career. You feel like you need to stamp some one down to grow yourself. But, being a team player and helping others grow and vouch for your team member can take you far as well. Being a helpful team player is a major characteristic not your employer sees but also impresses your immediate boss. Demonstrating the trait of caring and supporting the team higher is a characteristic that every boss care about. 
Affirm Self-Promotion
You won’t get ahead if no one is aware of your talents. So, it is good practice to self promote yourself. You should sell yourself during the promotion the same way you do while job searching with your resume. Make it imperative that you are looking for promotion. Keep a track of your achievements and performance to have on hand to refer yourself credibly. Make sure you get your accomplishments known specially to your manager and the ones who is taking care of promotions.
Establish a Relationship with your Boss
Your Manager is supervisor and custodian in accomplishing your goal of career promotion. s/he key to keep you waiting or get your career engine started and move you to the next position. Utilize the team and professional environment around you to steer you through and establish yourself as long standing resource within the company. Discuss any potential obstructions to a promotion with your manager and brainstorm how you can bury them. Here the goal is to have your boss as a supporter and ladder to to your promotion. With his/her support your promotion will be rather easily achievable.
Appreciate Feedback
One of the major way of getting forward is being able to accept feedback. We think that we have answers, but there is also time when we won’t. Taking an example; let’s think you really put your heart into a project but you it’s not showing expected results. You should be able to take a constructive feedback to outcome difficulties and get greater results out of your project. This it also shows that you are open to accept advice without leaving out any open issues. Being able to take feedback positively shows that you are a team person and plays a critical part in career progression. 

Expand Your Knowledge and Skills
Keeping yourself updated with latest skills and knowledge in your industry is always a plus. It’s almost unwritten rule that you keep abreast of current trends in your industry in dynamic society and technological advancements. Knowing the trends, browsing the internet to know the changes and attending relevant events in and outside of your market will keep you ahead of your coworkers aspiring for promotion. Your skill level and knowledge are proportional to chances of promotion.

Have A Long-Term Goal

When doing any task as part of your job link it to your career goal. It is important to set a longer term plan and plan your major job activities as per that job progression plan. 

Also, when you take up any activity outside your job, taking extra burden, think if it is going to help you down the lane. If it doesn’t then that it means you are doing erring and the activity wouldn’t fit as be part of your promotion plan. You need to find such breakup of job activities that will help you be part of future formulated career plan. It is very important to have a strategic career promotion plan in place and work towards it.
Take On More Responsibility
Always be willing to be proactive and accept additional responsibility. Try to volunteer in your free time to help out other colleagues or teams to expand your worth in the company. You come across as person willing to take that extra mile, highlighting your leadership abilities. The management will take notice of your pro activeness in reaching company goals.
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