If you are unhappy with your job you always keep looking to for opportunities outside your

organization. However, there are certain months which are always better times to apply for jobs. In this article we will find out why January and February are the best months for job seekers to look for a new job or change career. Hiring always peaks in the first two months of the year as companies always try to hire more employees after the holiday season is finished. Other than two months the other two big months for hiring are in late September and October.

However, Joblift, a job platform for candidates has a different opinion. According to it the best month to apply for a new job is in June. It backs itself with statistics with june-2016 seeing number of job opening posted online is 10.47% against job search by candidates being only 8.90%. This means there is less completion in terms of job application process.

However, the popular notion is that January and February are in fact the most popular times when businesses post job vacancies and candidates look to change jobs as per their new year resolutions.

Another reason why the hiring process hikes up these two months is the business gets the staffing budget which generally, is delayed during November or December. The backlog of posts to filled will be more that gives the right time and chance for the candidates to apply.

One more reason why employees search for jobs or move out of companies is because the bonuses or appraisals are given in this month. Once the appraisal process is finished the people start looking for better jobs with higher pay packages.

The best time of the week to apply for a new job?

So, it is confirmed that January and February are the prime months for career or job changes. However, is there any time in the week when it’s better for you to apply for new job.

Yes says, the team at SmartRecruiters. The Recruiting software and applicant tracking system business, provides the recruitment software for major companies in Canada and the United States. As per it’s analysis of over 270,000 jobs in the past two years it has found important weekly patterns in job search and recruitment behaviour.

The study done by them show that most jobs are posted in the earlier part of the week, with Tuesday being the most jobs advertised. It’s also the day when most job applications and surprisingly highest recruiting is done in the week.

The report from SmartRecruiters notes: “Candidates that are actively searching for job opportunities and applying for jobs when they first open will have a greater chance of getting noticed and getting in on the first wave of interviews.”

The survey data also depicts that nearly 60% of applicants apply after the first week of the job is advertised or posted. This means, the longer you delay in applying for the job less chance you have of being hired. Because your resume would be buried under after 60% of resume that the employee many not need or might have found the candidate by then. 

What more, this is the not only the case when it’s the best day that you apply for a job – but also for the best time of day.

The data by same company reveals that 11 a.m. is the most common time that most employers post their new job requirements online. Most applicants apply for jobs at around 2:00 p.m. So, you must have understood what is the best time to search and apply for a new job. Understandably, it is between between 11:30-and 12:30 on Tuesdays that you need to apply so that your resume will not be lost in the pile of applications and fierce competition.

But, if you still miss that time window, there is still a secondary chance, a smaller increase in job postings that businesses post online at around 4:00 p.m, as per the same research.

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