In present technical and digital world, the employees are using technology and

applications like Skype as the hiring process has been getting longer and rigorous. Microsoft’s Skype application software is used as a wonderful solution. It not only cuts down on costs for job seeker but also gives flexibility for employer to pre-screen before they can make sure the candidate is worthful. Multiple persons in different locations can use pre-recorded messages and interview the candidate.

Should You Take Skype Interviews Seriously:

Sometimes if you do Skype interview well, it would lead you to a one to one interview with the interviewer later and that could decide if you have the job in hand or not. So, you treat your skype interview as almost one to one interview. 

Do as much research as you would do for an in-person interview. Make sure you have memorized all that you want to say to your interviewer so that you do not look as if caught off-screen.

During Skype interview, you will mostly be dealing with behavioral and challenging situational question. Your answer should be as good as you give in a real one on one interview.

Also, be aware that you would be watched of your physical reactions, facial expressions while giving answers. Do you fidget or feel nervous when you are asked question about your weakness, or do you answer with confidence with less discomfort. All this would be watched by the interviewer on the other side.

Hence, it is imperative for the applicant to follow few tips and prepare well for the Skype interview. Here are few things you need to understand and consider before logging into your laptop and giving your best shot for the interview.

Eliminate Interruptions:

Make sure there are no interruptions in the background during the interview. Think beforehand what could cause a stir during the interview. Tell your kids prior to interview not to enter the interview zone. Inform your younger brother to go away play elsewhere, to avoid noise. Keep your phone in silent mode or switch it off during the Skype interview. Make sure you think of all the possible things that could disturb you during interview process and put them away or in keep them in another room.

Adjust Your Background:

The Laptop camera will not only show you but also your background during the interview. Make sure you have some plain and light colored wall. You can also put some neat curtains if you have walls with writings on them to cover it. Make sure there are no funky posters on the wall that might make you seem unprofessional. If you have your favorite pictures of Beyoncé or Camila Cabello that are little weird, do set them up somewhere else.

Double check your laptop’s sound:

On the Skype interview it’s not about your hearing the interviewer, but the interviewer hearing you. Check all the settings on laptop and make sure you are audible enough at the other end. Test the sound to make sure your laptop is not catching background noise. Make a test call to your friend or relative to cross check and ask them how the sound is – if your voice is clear, any noise or background voices are heard.

Dress Properly:

Dress as such you are attending a face-to-face interview and wear attire from top to toe in a professional manner. Imagine how awkward it would be if you just prepare the upper part of your body and you are seen in night pant if asked to fetch a document from other room. Dress appropriately and for success not thinking it as pre-screening.

Adjust the Lighting:

Make sure your room is bright enough and the light is falling on your face. The light source should be opposite your face so that you are clearly focused when interview on Skype. But, that doesn’t mean you look faded out in light and the interviewer cannot see your expressions. Check about backlight, curtains that may block and windows and panes that may accidentally open.

Make Yourself Comfortable:

Skype interview go as far as face-to-face interviews go. So, make sure you are comfortable sitting for an hour or so, because the interview can sometimes extend for more than an hour too. Adjust your chair to the laptop or desktop. Have a cosy and cushiony chair for you to long more than an hour. Make sure your back has proper support and your feet is are at a proper height before you take the interview. If possible conduct a mock interview with any of your acquaintance before and make sure everything is perfect.

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