Increasing digitization of the world has taken businesses world to adapt new technologies.

Rapid developments in innovative technologies like Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the buzzwords of 2018. 

Accenture’s latest research states that these seamless technologies anticipate our needs and deliver personalized experiences.

Blockchain Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT will be the big drivers in technology that would influence many industries and will be influential in transforming staffing industry as well in 2018. Staffing industry is business dealing with people and hence, this concept is going to paramount.

These emerging technologies are allowing HR, staffing and contingent workforce professionals to maximize their productivity and mobility. As per a report, around 46% companies are facing talent shortages and have issues in filling up job positions. Corporates are spending around $4000 per candidate for evaluation in the hiring process.

Recent Innovative developments in artificial intelligence have created a huge potential to fix the hiring problems. 70% of recruitment firms believe AI will play a definitive role in improving recruitment. AI gets rid of first stage recruiting bias. So, HR personnel have more time to focus on interviews and training of new candidates, saving your company money and time. AI can be used to automate repetitive and high-volume tasks like interview scheduling — which take up to 20% of a recruiter’s time. It can bring efficiency to the talent acquisition process, improving productivity as well as the candidate experience.

AI will get rid of 1.8 million jobs, however, the emerging field will create 2.3 million by 2020, according to a recent report from Gartner. And a recent Capgemini report found that 83% of companies using AI say the technology is already adding jobs. 47% of all current US employment is going to be automated over the next decade or so. As a business AI jobs like Machine learning engineer, Data scientist and Research Scientist are in demand.

Internet of Things drives demand for new digital Talent. IoT is a huge industry, with 150 million smart appliances currently connected and more devices to be connected in future. 41% of businesses cite insufficient staffing and expertise in IoT as biggest barrier to IoT growth as per Gartner. By 2020, it’s estimated that around 30 billion devices will be connected to the internet worldwide, that’s more than four times the global population. In the next 10 years, IoT could create as much as $11.1 Trillion a year in global economic value according to McKinsey. This clearly indicates that IoT job opportunities are set to soar in coming years. 

Radiant prides itself on supporting their own internal blockchain projects focused on transformation of HR and staffing process with blockchain technologies. Radiant will collaborate with customers to accelerate the blockchain initiatives focused on enterprise distributed ledger technologies. We offer open source and enterprise blockchain Staffing & Consulting services and have built our own staffing blockchain platform.

Radiant blockchain platform can effectively match profiles of each candidate’s experience and skillset, showcasing them to potential employers in an easy and consumable format. Radiant uses SmartContract to streamline the whole onboarding, agreements, reporting obligations, tax payments, and so on. Companies can leverage our blockchain expertise in providing excellent staffing services. Using Radiants blockchain hiring capability employers can cut short on the price spent on verification and background check and pass on hiring hassles to us.

Radiant as also a staffing firm equipped with AI. Radiant through the implementation of AI allows your company to redeploy those employees to work in other important areas of the business. Radiant’s AI capability helps decide which candidate a company should hire when it comes to figuring out who the best person is for the job. Radiant can provide AI that can be used to automate repetitive and high-volume tasks like interview scheduling — which take up to 20% of a recruiter’s time.

Radiant uses machine learning software to enhance its clients’ applicant tracking systems and build relationships with their candidates. It uses data mining algorithms to keep track of interactions between candidates and employers to find the best candidates to engage. It can bring efficiency to the talent acquisition process, improving productivity as well as the candidate experience.

Radiants insight into IoT – what it is and what it does, enables us to help you and your company to obtain the optimal IoT workforce to achieve your business goals. The companies will feel the need to develop and deploy qualified employees and innovative software developers which achieved through Radiants. Radiant with its specialized IoT teams helps employers to source right skilled resources.  We’ve the expertise and experience of 22 years and our specialized IoT recruiters can help you to find the right candidates to put you ahead of your competition in IoT.

Thus Radiant as an expert staffing firm can help you find the right job candidates you require in emerging technologies. Radiants can source the right candidates to you leveraging our 22 years of staffing experience. We can be your perfect staffing partner and provide and source candidates for immediate needs on these technologies.