Recruiting is one of the toughest aspects for businesses. Recruiting right people is the important part of a business strategy and success. Employees are an integral part of company’s success hence, having a talent acquisition strategy will be important in the success. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are lending helping hand to solve the problems of recruiting processes.

A recent finding has shown that cost to find a new hire and employing him is quarter million dollars. Its important that a hired employee fits the requirement of the organization and quickly adapts it’s culture.

This can turn even more burdensome and costly if the candidate hired turns out to be a bad hire. With such risk involved the in hiring process, some innovative companies are using AI to improve the recruiting processes and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of talent acquisition. A survey by Delloitte has shown that 33% of businesses are already using AI at some or other point of recruitment process and this percentage is set to increase. There were even apprehensions that AI and automation are going to over HR during the start of 2018.


Any good recruiter or company uses an ATS and Social Media to post jobs at one go instead of uploading them individually. Usage of technology and automated AI built application will help companies not miss the targeted sites and this way valuable time of the recruiters is not wasted on regular mundane tasks. For instance job management software, RecruitX does similar tasks in terms of automating jobs and help recruiters manage all their jobs at one place.


Artificial intelligence can be used for sorting through large numbers of CVs and scanning for candidates that fit a set of requirements advertised by the companies. This automated task will help reduce recruiters fasten the process and give them more time to take care of more important activities that require human touch. AI can then take this forward, by searching the details mentioned in CVs with other data updated in social media profiles of candidates and map their website activity to find out how much the candidate has researched about the company before applying for job.

For instance, companies are using AI-powered recruitment software like LinkedIn Recruiter to help automate the process of searching candidates. Such recruitment software helps in quickly getting the candidates that match certain criteria. 


The companies are looking at the chatbot space to help them better identify candidates and decide their suitability for a job role. This way they are automatically setting them up for interviews with the company HR consultants. Companies through chatbots are working to use automation to humanise the technology. 

Chatbots can assist businesses in sourcing, identifying and matching the talent quickly. Businesses are further looking to leverage chatbots to improve hiring experience of potential

candidates and enabling them to meet a consultant as fast as possible. This will be more effective if there are large events lined up by the companies when they are required to source thousands of potential candidates quickly.

Businesses are using chatbots and automation in order to stay competitive and relevant in the new age of the ever-changing and technologically savvy new applicants.


Artificial Intelligence can boost the overall candidate experience and significantly help engagement through improved communication between employers and candidates who attend interviews. Mya, a product developed to make recruiting easier has averaged 9.8 out of 10 on altogether candidate experience.

This is because, it can provide candidates with updates, feedback guidance and answer their queries in real time. This essential communication which is required is lacking and most of the candidates complain about this as per 2017 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Research Report.

Improving the candidate experience will create a positive impact on candidate’s mind and will benefit the organization. 74% who had a positive impact of this communication would like to increase or get associated with the business, there by increasing the financial position, as the Talent Board report suggests.


AI has an important role to play in onboarding new hires. This is particularly relevant when the new hires want any information for making their working lives easier.

The AI systems can provide information to new employees whenever they have questions or doubts. They can turn the intelligent systems on to find out how to sign up for health insurance or to find out where the conference room is instead of email or calling the HR. It can provide the repository of information to the new starter and can act as the central point to access resources in order to avoid confusion and make themselves feel overwhelmed with information.

It is important for an organization to provide tools to  support new hires throughout the onboarding process. AI developer Talla is of the same opinion regarding benefits of AI in the onboarding stage of  recruitment process. This makes the Human resource manager free up time to take care and treat other important aspects of recruiting activities there by connecting with the new hires in a more meaningful way.

The main benefit of AI in recruiting is it will free up time for the Human resource manager to spend that time on more complicated issues. It can be used to automate tasks that does not need human intervention and provide time for HR’s to take care of activities which need more human touch.

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