Enterprise Application Integration

Radiant is composed of business process, industry, application and technical specialists focusing on solving the business issues of companies, enabling them to maintain their competitive advantage in an ever-changing business environment. EAI focuses on integrating an application whether built or bought within an enterprise in order to automate the overall business processes for that enterprise. EAI technology enables the enterprise or multi-enterprises to compete in today’s global economy. Companies of all sizes, and industries, are utilizing or planning to use EAI tools to improve their business processes and Information Technology structure in order to maintain their competitive advantage. Today’s enterprise is challenged by a number of issues including: Zero-latency, just in-time

    • Reduced business change cycle time
    • Virtual enterprise and outsourcing of services
    • New or enhanced business processes: re-integration of the same core business logic
    • Dis-intermediation
    • Real-Time access to information
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Addressing the Internet’s business opportunities and challenges
    • Integration of Internet/Intranet technologies into existing or proposed systems structure