Cookie Policy

1. Use of Cookies

Like most websites on the internet this site makes use of cookies.

We explain how cookies are used in general by this site and how you can control cookies that maybe in use on this site.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by your web browser. They can be used for many things such as remembering whether you have visited a site before, keeping you logged in. Or helping us understand, how you use our site. They do not include personnel information about you such as your name.
To understand more about cookies please visit Cookie Central (

This Cookie Policy applies to all of our online applications and websites. By accessing the Website, you agree that this Cookie Policy will apply whenever you access the Website on any device.

Any changes to this policy will be posted here. We reserve the right to vary this Cookie Policy from time to time and such changes shall become effective as soon as they are posted. Your continued use of the Website constitutes your agreement to all such changes.

1.1 How to know what Cookies are on my Computer?
Cookies are maintained by your web browser, so the method for viewing them will vary depending on which browser you are using. The method for how to view cookies is listed below.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 – 11.0
Select the ‘Tools->Internet Options’ menu item, and then click the ‘Settings’ button under the ‘General’ tab. Click the ‘View Files’ button to see a list of the temporary internet files that Explorer has stored. Cookies have names that begin ‘cookie:’ – the Internet Address column will tell you which website created the cookie.
Note – the ‘Tools’ option can also be accessed by clicking the ‘gear’ icon in Internet Explorer’s toolbar.
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge does not appear to provide an option to view individual cookies. You can delete all cookies, or enable or disable them.
Firefox 7.0 and newer
Select the ‘Tools->Options’ menu item (may be under the Firefox button) and click on the ‘Privacy’ tab. Click the ‘remove individual cookies’ link, and you will be shown a list of all cookies stored by Firefox. You can delete selected cookies if you wish, or you can click ‘Remove All Cookies’ to delete them all, or simply browse through the list to see which websites have stored cookies on your computer.
Google Chrome
Choose ‘Settings’ on the ‘parallel bars’ button (or the ‘Customize and control’ menu), and click the ‘Advanced’ link at the bottom of the screen. In the ‘Privacy and Security’ section, click on the ‘Content settings…’ button then click the ‘Cookies’ option, followed by ‘See all cookies and site data’. You will be shown a list of all websites which have stored cookies on your computer. Selecting a website allows you to see the cookies, and selecting a cookie shows you the data stored in it.
Apple Safari
Choose ‘Preferences…’ on the ‘Settings’ or ‘Edit’ menu (Windows) or the Safari menu (MacOS), then open the ‘Privacy’ tab and click the ‘Details…’ button. You will be shown a list of all cookies stored on your computer. Individual cookies can be deleted by selecting them and clicking ‘Remove’ or they can all be deleted by clicking ‘Remove All’.
Apple iOS 5 or later (iPhone, iPad)
From the home screen tap the ‘Settings’ icon, then choose ‘Safari’. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap ‘Advanced’. Tap ‘Website Data’ to see a list of cookies.
Android does not appear to allow users to view individual cookies. You can delete all cookies, or enable/disable them.
Windows Phone 7-10
Windows Phone does not appear to allow users to view individual cookies. You can delete all cookies, or enable/disable them.
Blackberry does not appear to allow users to view individual cookies. You can delete all cookies, or enable/disable them.
Note: If you delete or edit cookies on your computer, some websites may require you to re-enter the information which was previously stored in their cookies.
Also see how to enable or disable cookies

1.2 Our use of cookies

We may collect information automatically when you visit the Website, using cookies. The cookies allow us to identify your computer and find out details about your last visit. You can choose, below, not to allow cookies. This will not guarantee that your experience with the Website will be as good as if you did allow cookies.

The information collected by cookies does not personally identify you; it includes general information about your computer settings, your connection to the Internet e.g. operating system and platform, IP address, your browsing patterns and timings of browsing on the Website and your location.

Most internet browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can change the settings of your browser to erase cookies or prevent automatic acceptance if you prefer.

Remember that if you turn off cookies in your browser then these settings apply to all websites not just this one:

1.3 Types of Cookies in use: makes use of the following cookies:

1.3.1. Analytics cookies

These monitor how visitors move around the Website and how they reached it. This is used so that we can see total (not individual) figures on which types of content user’s value most, for instance.

You can opt out of these if you want:

1.3.2. Site management cookies

These are used to maintain your identity or session on the Website. For instance, where our websites run on more than one server, we use a cookie to ensure that you are sent information by one specific server (otherwise you may log in or out unexpectedly). We may use similar cookies when you vote in polls to ensure that you can only vote once.

These cookies cannot be turned off individually but you could change your browser setting to refuse all cookies if you do not wish to accept them.